A member is someone who calls Westgate their home and is a part of this family in knowing God, being transformed, and doing His work. Those interested in becoming members are required to complete a membership class, submit a membership application, be an active participant in Westgate community with regular attendance, and align with our tenets of faith.

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Membership Process

Membership Requirements

·Give scriptural evidence of saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ
·Have been baptized by immersion in water
·Attend services regularly for three months
·Adhere to the Tenets of Faith and a willingness to be governed by the bylaws
·At least 18 years of age

Membership Expectations

·Give evidence of a consistent Christian life
·Adhere to the Tenets of Faith
·Attend services and business meetings regularly
·Support the church through tithes and offerings
·Serve in a ministry of the church
·Be committed to the Biblical injunction to keep the unity of the body

Approval Process for New Members

Names of applicants will be submitted to the church board for approval after applicant’s name are made available to the congregation for at least two weeks. New members will be introduced at a membership meeting and formally installed in a Sunday service.

Register for our next Membership Class

Our next membership class is on Sunday, June 23.

Join our New Member’s Class on June 23rd at 1:30pm in the Commons for an insightful afternoon to discover Westgate Chapel’s vision, history, community values, and your place within it.

Registration closes on June 18th. Enjoy a light lunch and childcare with RSVP.

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