Serve at Westgate

At Westgate Chapel, serving plays an integral role in the livelihood of the church. Serving is a declaration that we love the people of Westgate, as well as those in our local and global community. By plugging in and doing our part:
• We show people that they have value.
• We fulfill our role as a member of the Westgate family.
• We take ownership in the vision to make God known to our surrounding community.

Use the contact form at the bottom to let us know how you’d like to get involved!

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We are Member-Powered

Kid's Ministry

• Sunday Kids Leaders (Preschool & Elementary)
• Nursery
• Host Team
• Special Connections (Mentoring those with special needs)

Westgate Students

Serving in youth is about building relationships with these students and walking through life as mentors and friends. Here are some spaces where you can make those relationships:
• SNL Leadership Team
• The Middle
• Home Groups
• Events & Camps


The goal of the Hospitality Team is to encourage your first-time guests to continue coming back until they see and understand God’s power.

Hospitality is all about people welcoming people and assisting those in attendance.
• Greeters
• Information Desk
• Security
• Ushers

Men of Valor

Men of Valor is Westgate Chapel’s men’s prayer ministry, twelve groups of Westgate men, named after the twelve tribes of Israel, who offer prayer support for Pastor Alec and the other pastors of Westgate Chapel. Each Men of Valor tribe prays during one Sunday service a month for the will of God to be accomplished in that service and in the lives of those who attend. Each man also prays daily, on his own for Pastor Alec, one other designated pastor, and the other men of his tribe.

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Production Team

The Production Team is the people behind the scenes that enhance events and services at Westgate in the following areas:
• Video
• Lighting
• Media


Food Bank

The Food Bank serves low-income and seniors in our community. The Food Bank’s family of volunteers not only provides food but also builds relationships with those we serve. Here are a few opportunities for you to serve:
• Clothing Bank
• Food Bank
• Donation Pick Up (Sub Driver)


Serve at Westgate

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