We exist to walk alongside men and women who are ready to step into their education and a transformative relationship with Christ. Before the foundation of the world, each person was given a destiny. All were created for His purpose. This purpose requires a process. Our mission is to embrace this process: where each individual is formed to God’s image. Fired. Hammered. Molded. Stretched. Tempered.

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Online & In-person

Our internship is highly encouraged, as it unifies academic learning with hands-on training. While you are working on your degree, you will have the unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience alongside trained professionals in your field of study. A wide variety of internship experiences are provided, both inside the church as well as in public spheres. Participating in these internships will allow you to take what you are learning in your classes and apply it directly to real-life situations in the workplace.

Our internships are strategically designed for each individual student to prepare you for your future career field. We will help you explore the possibilities available to you based on your needs, work load, interests, and desired career. You will be expected to devote 10+ hours a week to your internship. Through the course of our program, you will rotate through different areas of ministry to give you a well-rounded understanding of how ministry in a Church works.

Internship Credits, Degrees, & More

We were designed by God to live in community. At the Forge, we foster godly community with other fellow students through Bible studies, group discussions, and ministry opportunities throughout the year. In addition, we also offer one-on-one discipleship and accountability. Our interns will have opportunities to learn through courses led by Westgate Chapel’s very own pastors, ranging from basic discipleship training to hands-on missional courses.

The cost of our Internship Program covers:
– 30 Northwest University credits/year
– 10+ hours of Westgate School of Ministry Internship Training
– 3 FREE practicum credits a semester
– Group events hosted by Westgate School of Ministry

Degrees offered:
– Certificate in Ministry Leadership (1-year degree)
– Associate of Arts
– Associate in Ministry Leadership
– Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership
– Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
– Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
– Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies



Online Only

Are you a pastor needing further education? Are you a stay-at-home mom? Do you have a full-time job? Are you hoping to get a degree in ministry but cannot complete it through the traditional route? If so, the Flex program is what you need! Our Flex plan allows students to pursue a degree through Northwest University entirely online. This program is designed for students who are already more established in life (career, family, etc.) and want to pursue a degree but do not have the time to commit to the internship option that the Forge offers. In our Flex program, you will be under the supervision and care of the School of Ministry team, who will walk this journey alongside you – you will not have to do it alone!

Degrees Available through the Flex Program:

– Certificate in Ministry Leadership (1-year degree)
– Associate of Arts
– Associate in Ministry Leadership
– Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership
– Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
– Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
– Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Looking for a higher education? Would you like to complete a masters degree through a christian university? Our Master’s program provides you with an accredited online program, with the reliable buffer of our team! We will act as your advocate in your communications with Northwest University.

Degrees Available through the Masters Program:

The degrees below have options of being taken as either Online or Hyflex. Hyflex programs are also online, but will include “in-person” intensives that can be attended at the Northwest University campus. Some degrees offer both options, giving you the ability to choose what’s right for you.

– Master in Ministry (Hyflex or online)
– Master of Arts in Bible and Theology (Hyflex or online)
– Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (online only)
– Master of Science in Data Analysis and Research Psychology (online only)
– Master of Arts in International Community Development (online only)
– Master in Teaching (WA only) (Hyflex only)
– Master of Business Administration (online only)
– Master of Science in Nursing (Only applicable in WA, OR, and MT) (online only)

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Cost & Financial Aid

Because of our unique partnership with Northwest University, we are able to offer the same online classes at a fraction of the cost. At Northwest University, one academic year is estimated to cost about $35,000.
The Forge costs $333 per credit, plus a $1,300 program fee per semester. This make the cost for a full-time student $10,592 per year— one quarter the cost of the average Northwest University degree.

With NPP’s average financial aid award of $6,900 your final costs are drastically reduced. And your financial aid package may be even higher.

Masters Program Cost:

Our Masters program has the same tuition costs as Northwest University, however, you will find us to be a helpful advocate – you will not become the missing needle in a giant haystack. Contact us for more info on cost!

Tuesday BnB

Tuesdays 10:00am-12:00pm

Room 326

All are welcome!

Our weekly Tuesday Bible studies are a great place to check out our community, who we are, and how we believe God’s Word is life-changing. We provide breakfast and invite anyone who would like to come!


Northwest University

Kirkland, WA

Northwest University is a Christian university located in Kirkland, Washington. NU was founded in 1934 and has more than 20 years of experience in non-traditional education. Their goal is to provide a quality Christian education that prepares leaders for the new horizons of this ever-changing world.


When you choose Westgate School of Ministry, you enter a partnership with Northwest University where experience and accredited academics intertwine. Northwest University is accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities. This is a regional accreditation, the highest level of accreditation available. Regional accreditation has the following benefits:

– Courses Transfer: Courses taken through the NPP transfer to other public and private colleges and universities. Students can earn an AA through the NPP and finish at the college of their choice or through the NPP.
– Federal Financial Aid: The NPP is eligible for federal financial aid in the form of grants and loans.
– No Asterisks: The courses taken and degrees earned through the NPP are the same courses and degrees students earn on the Kirkland campus. There are no asterisks on NPP transcripts.
– Transfer Students Welcome: Our accreditation allows Northwest to welcome students with previous college experience from other accredited colleges and universities to finish their college degrees. We also consider previous credits from non-accredited institutions.

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